Lipsy Embellished Satin Bodycon Dress


Lipsy Embellished Satin Bodycon Dress, One thing about most trends, nevertheless , is that they typically reduce. While Léger was credited with the creation of the now iconic style (although there is some historical discrepancy as to whether the “King of Cling, ” Azzedine Alaia, is actually responsible for the trend), he was also pigeonholed into association with an article of clothing that has, somewhere alongside the way, made a transition from classy to trashy. Maybe it got something to do with Léger’s label being purchased by the BCBG Maximum Azria group in Sept 1998, but the smooth mini-dresses once favored by supermodels soon lost their allure as they became popular in the bulk market.

In all credibility, Kardashian owes her bootylicious rise to superstardom to her LHLs (Little Herve Legers). While a vintage Alaia or a nouveau Leger can run a glamourpuss right into the bad house (the buy-in starts off at $950), a recessionista can find bodycon frocks for the tax amount of the real deal. Lipsy Embellished Satin Bodycon Dress, Brands such as Enjoyment Doing Business and Bebe would have never had the capacity to achieve this look for less without Leger's engineering fete or Alaia's silhouette. The bodycon is here to stay.

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