Form Fitting Clothing


Form Fitting Clothing A form-fitting outfit is an article of clothing which tightly follows the curves of the part of the body becoming covered. Most form-fitting clothes are worn by females; when they are worn by men, it is occasionally regarded as being effeminate. An attribute of Western societies may be the popularity of form-fitting clothing used by women, compared to equal male garments. These include tshirts, shorts, and jeans. A few cultures and religious interests disapprove of form-fitting clothes, especially outerwear, which they think about to be immodest.

There are numerous kinds of clothing which typically tend to be or which can be made form-fitting. Form Fitting Clothing For example , stockings, leggings, leggings, and socks are usually form-fitting. Clothing used in dance and exercise, such as leotards, unitard, and swimsuits, are usually form-fitting. Undergarments or foundation clothing such as corsets, girdles, bodysuits, brassieres, and underpants are usually form-fitting to give a sleek line to the outer apparel.

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