bodycon pencil dresses


bodycon pencil dresses Severe versions of the trend with regard to underwear as outerwear show up in Katy Perry's stage clothes and as a staple regarding Lady Gaga's popping-to-the-shops closet, but how do you make it work whenever your job description doesn't include courting paparazzi? With a little bit of wit and confidence under garments as outerwear is actually feasible to pull off in everyday living: it's just a question involving smart layering and a piece of design trickery.

A scarlet, satin push-up bra is definitely going to be just that, but if you choose lingerie styles that are coherent with the rest of your outfit, the underwear-on-show effect will be seamless rather than jarring. bodycon pencil dresses Choose great-quality, clean-lined pieces along with banish anything with extras, bows and fussy adornment - this says 'bedroom' and the look needs to be harder. You can get away with man?uvre, stockings, bodies and even knickers (of the bum-covering, high-waisted variety, granted) as greatcoats if this first step of the design gets sorted. From there, it can all about building the levels of the look out, with the undergarment as an understated show-piece.

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