Bodycon Day Dress 2016


Bodycon Day Dress, When you’ve spent any time on social media sites like Instagram, the term “bodycon” will surely pop up every so often. Especially if you’re a lady who’s into fashion, you may have mistaken “BodyCon” to simply represent the name of another store wanting to hawk their products online. You’d be wrong.

“BodyCon” actually stands for “body conscious” — and a “body con” or “bodycon” dress is the one that usually fits tightly and hugs all the curves a woman possesses, from top to bottom. Such as the Herve Leger bandage dress, “bodycon” dresses are not simply tightly worn apparel that grips every part of the woman’s curves. Bodycon Day Dress, Since the photos falling under the #bodycon hashtag on Instagram prove — with some of the 501, 344 posts appearing NSFW — “bodycon” gear can include more than dresses.

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