Blue Dress Bodycon


Blue Dress Bodycon.
I get very thrilled by innovation in material technology. It is moving really rapidly, especially in the field regarding sports wear and useful outerwear clothing manufacture. One of these simple relatively new fabrics which has created its way through the creation process and is now the two available to the home sewist in addition to cheap enough to be inexpensive is Scuba.

Scuba is really a fine gauge double-knit cloth made from polyester and lycra. It is quite a dense, heavy fabric with a definite extend in the horizontal direction and also a slighter stretch in the up and down. It has a very smooth surface area and a squishy, bouncy sense when squashed between the fingertips. A bit like Neoprene, damp suiting (that’s the connection towards the scuba diving! ). Unlike a few jersey fabrics which can extend of shape quickly, scuba diving has a good “memory”, which means that it returns well to be able to it’s original shape. Just like all stretch fabrics although it is important to determine which path has the most stretch and be sure that this is the direction that will go around the form of the body. I understand this sounds obvious however it is easy to forget to understand this.

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