11 Yellow And Black Bodycon Dress


11 Yellow And Black Bodycon Dress The skin-tight garment is a dress that is held to the pores and skin usually by elastic stress using some type of stretch material. Commercial stretch fabrics ('elastomerics') such as spandex or elastane (widely branded as 'Lycra') came onto the market within 1962, and revolutionized several areas of the clothing industry. A multitude of clothing may be made to be skin-tight, and it is common for garments to be skin-tight for some utilizes, such as in stockings, bodystockings, swimsuits and women's man?uvre.

In 1886 the name leotard was given to a one-piece skin-tight garment that covers the actual torso including the crotch, however, not the legs or hands. The garment was given its name French acrobatic performer Jules LĂ©otard (1838-1870), many years right after his death, who used the garment in his acrobatic act. 11 Yellow And Black Bodycon Dress In the early twentieth century, use of leotards had been mainly confined to circus as well as acrobatic shows, but were worn by professional ballroom dancers, such as the showgirls of Broadway. Leotards on the stage had been typically worn with tights or tights.

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