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10 Clothes BuyWithin the mid-to-late ’90s, when Bodycon (short for body-conscious) very first became popularized as the type of dress to be seen in, extraordinarily high sales were barely a surprise. But , nearly ten years and a half after the first forbinding dress was introduced through designer Hérve Peugnet (the French brainchild behind tag Hervé Léger), it’s to be able to understand how such a trend-driven item is still raking in large amounts of money. Over 15 years later on, it’s officially time for Bodycon to die.

10 Clothes Buy “My gowns are designed for women who are at relieve with their bodies, ” Léger told Vogue in 1992 of his frocks, constructed from stretchy, figure-hugging fabric such as viscose or silk weaved with Lycra. The New You are able to Times described his clothes as akin to wearing a good “Ace bandage; ” these people mold to fit every " of a woman’s shape-and it matters little that they were made from materials that was considered, at the time, trash. Showing off one’s curves within a silhouette that holds points in tight (it had been, in ways, the high-fashion type of Spanx) was seen as sexy (“I’m in favor of seductive clothing, the designer told People mag in 1994.

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